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structure object
> { {a,a++,a++},{a++,a++,a++},{a++,a++,a++} }; is undefined. It is not undefined; this is a [i]brac...

[C++] Erase-Remove idiom
> Is it possible? [quote][i]Deprecated[/i] is defined by the IS as: Normative for the current editi...

stoi is not a member of std?
> It does not support C++11 as much as GCC GNU libstdc++ has truly vast expanses of non-conformanc...

stoi is not a member of std?
> That means I can't use it on windows? You can use the LLVM compiler (clang++) with the Microsoft ...

[C++] Erase-Remove idiom
> I have been told that this can be done with std::ptr_fun. Is it true? Not with [tt]std::ptr_fun...