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Generating poisson arrivals
> [code]std::poisson_distribution<int> distribution(4.1) ;[/code] > This outputs: 2 3 1 4 3 4 4 3 2 ...

Can anyone relate?
> I'm transferring next semester because I can't take this anymore. Yes. To learn anything well, a...

Istream Ctor
The move constructor for [tt]std::istream[/tt] is protected. [tt]std::ifstream[/tt] has a public mo...

Clang 3.4 included with Visual Studio 2015
No. Visual Studio build of clang++ links with the Microsoft library; native C++ programs can be buil...

Sorting integers without arrays
> How do you read in the file in pairs? Something like this: [code]// Pass 1. Merge pairs of record...