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Stacks without class - URGENT help needed
[code]void pop[/code] -->> [code]void pop()[/code] [code]if ( top == < 0 )[/code] -->> [code]...

Specialised collections (or not)
@doug4 20 different MyTypes, soz for the confusion. we only use #defines for compile directives, be...

string replace is not working for "\'"(\+Apostrophe)
you also need to escape the \ ... like \\ and \' [code]std::string ReplaceWord = "\\\'";[/cod...

Specialised collections (or not)
I've got myself into a debate in the office about specialised collections, I feel like a lone voice ...

Passing more then one array parameter into a function?
I agree with Volatile Pulse, I see no issues here. also, I see that only one item is ever used form...