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Bio:KMS Technology was founded by a team of information technology veterans in the United States and Vietnam with a vision of building an agile, innovative and efficient organization that increases our client’s shareholder value. The KMS leadership team is leveraging our experience in running both venture backed and public technology companies with operations across multiple continents to build the optimal company.
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[Vietnam] Looking for Senior DBA
[i]Location: HCMC, Vietnam - Full-time Opened on: July 08, 2014[/i] Experience in design and...

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[Vietnam] C/JVM/J2ME Developer
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[KMS Technology] Looking for Senior DBA
[i][b]Location: Vietnam - Full-time Opened on: July 08, 2014[/b] [/i] Experience in design ...

[Vietnam] C/JVM/J2ME Developer @KMS Technology
[b]Location: Ho Chi Minh city - Full-time[/b] [b]Job Description:[/b] Developing firmware for ...

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