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User name:Little Bobby Tables
Name:Nick Chambers
Bio:First of all, to answer your question: yes. My username is derived from the xkcd comic: http://xkcd.com/327/ . I am not the original Little Bobby Tables. I just thought it would be a good username since he is one of the more iconic characters. My favorite comic(s):
http://xkcd.com/350/ (<-- I'm actually trying to build that)

My hobbies include programming (specifically language and compiler design), brain teasers (such as sudoku) and spending time with my girlfriemd. I have been programming since my sophomore year on a variety of platforms, including windows, linux, and mac. I don't like ides, and as a result use bash and gedit. My career goal is to get a degree in computer science and start working in the field of systems programming. If you need to contact me you can reach me here via pm (i dont actually check that email. i just needed it for the account) or on the IRC freenode network. My fastest time solving a rubic cube is 1:10, which if you can solve one you realize disgraceful those 10 seconds are. I have been on this forum bore under a different username, but I wont reveal it.

My current projects are:
a c compiler (dubbed cc)
an ircd
a webserver
a micro kernel
the lightning compiler

some cool websites:
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Birthdate:Jun 12, 1996
Number of posts:1027
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How to cancel function and return to main.
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how much to study? :D
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