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Name:Lauri Gustafsson
Bio:I'm 15, and really interested in computers, programming, and that kind of stuff.

I prefer cool computers, like the Raspberry Pi, or the Commodore 64 ;)
I'm not necessarily looking for processing power, gaming abilities, or the look of a computer.

I use Linux, and I want to keep learning more about computers.

Right now I study/practice C++ as my first programming language.

I'd also like to learn computer graphics, gamedev, and low level stuff, maybe microcontrollers.
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Birthdate:Mar 2, 1998
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Wat? I'm using them in a loop, one after another. :/

A small SDL and array problem
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A small SDL and array problem
Hello. I'm still quite a beginner with C++ (or any programming), but I thought I'd take a bit of ...

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