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Name:Manga Dragon Hoffman
Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bio:This profile is to honor the late M. D. Hoffman, who tragically passed away last week when his brains where eaten by zombies. For some ill fated reason he believed the plants in his garden would protect him.
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If you mean the standard library, you can get good at that in about 1 to 3 years. If you mean everyt...

question about c++
@stormboy And I bet you didn't even have to click the link to pick up on that! :)

question about c++
I suggest that you look into the beginners forum and try to solve some of the problems posted there,...

Blender anyone?
The Specter is right! I am awsome. You know, I felt the same way when I wrote my first 'hello wor...

Blender anyone?
Thanks for the compliments all, but to be honest blender did all the work. It is a most basic series...