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Name:Manga Dragon Hoffman
Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bio:This profile is to honor the late M. D. Hoffman, who tragically passed away last week when his brains where eaten by zombies. For some ill fated reason he believed the plants in his garden would protect him.
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creating and using a group of variables HELP!
[code]#include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { double bal...

Any math wizards out there?
Well to be honest with you, my coworker is an engineer, and he has solved the problem. He asked for ...

Any math wizards out there?
Hmmm.. that is interesting. Thanks.

Any math wizards out there?
Here is the formula I was given by a coworker. He asked if I could solve for x. y = tan(x) - (x*...

Please help
remember to include a return value in your main section. [code]return 0;[/code] is common practice.