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Bio:Match is the Internet’s biggest dating site which also has a dating app. Although its database is probably the biggest in the industry on its website, its app is less popular. But it’s been featured on many leading dating blogs and forums, so obviously, its business owner has invested a lot in its PR and media presence.

Match has also been featured on because its monthly download number is higher than 20,000 per month. Dating and relationship experts in the industry point out that Match dating app needs to be upgraded because members can’t even send each other photos.

Some members have complained that people on Match dating app are ugly. Further examination reveals that the hottest singles are probably not on this app as there are many popular apps on the market that attract attractive singles on the Web. Therefore, if you are looking for someone sexy, maybe Match dating app isn’t for you. Having said that, not everyone focuses on good looks, so maybe those who are looking for something else can join Match dating app and see how it works.

We don’t have anything against Match dating app and we respect its global leadership. The above comments are from real members of Match dating platform.

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