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Recursion problem with string
[quote]Some ideas for the second problem?[/quote] A suggestion, a bit funny by demand for recursion:...

Anyone can help me to change it to pseudocode??
[quote]line 12 in that code how to change to pseucode or even flowchart will do[/quote]A flowchart f...

finding largest prime number in a file
[quote]Ive seen a single if statement add significant time to a tight loop over billions of things[/...

Read/Write .MP4 Files WITHOUT Library
[quote]"if you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford it"[/quote] [i]Nice![/i] That saying...

finding largest prime number in a file
[quote]replace the ifs in the pww with a lookup table for the answer from 0-6.[/quote] The gain by r...

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