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Help with Loops/If Elses
Line 14: [code]int average = 0, sum = 0, counter = 0, youngest=99, oldest=0;[/code] Lines 39..50 (wa...

Basic calendar
[quote]I'm just kind of confused as to which step I should take next[/quote] So your question is how...

How to Solve Prime modullo
[quote] that is the only restriction[/quote] So x=2, a=4, p=5, y=1, b=11 would be a valid set of "kn...

How to Solve Prime modullo
[quote]the known values are x,y,a,b .[/quote] Nice. No more restrictions than [tt]1 < p < 10e9[/tt]?

Can someone please help
[quote]we're playing[/quote] Yep, in a playground with no air to effectuate some influence on free f...

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