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creating a vector that contains a string and two int
You can't mix types in a vector. Luckily, the question isn't asking you to do that. It's asking ...

Sending 3 arguments from one program to another using execvp? Error?
[quote]I'm receiving errors in CPU.cpp[/quote] The first guidance I'd give you is don't keep secrets...

copy data from one object to another object
You can use a [i]copy constructor[/i] to create a new object as a copy of an existing one. You can u...

How do I store a returned class?
Rule No. 1 of changing your code to optimize performance, is: [b]Don't do it, unless you are are su...

I need a hand with a program
@OP You need to break this down into a number of tasks. Write code for one task, then test that it...