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Help with Qt QStringList
Hello. This is my class: file .h [code] #ifndef UNDOREDO_H #define UNDOREDO_H #include <QUn...

Array declaration and initialization
When I try to set an array in this way [code] int num[4]; ... if (foobar == 1) num = { 0, 1, 2...

Reproducing lua table in C/C++
I heard that a more dynamic solution is to use polymorphism, you can store pointers to a base class ...

Reproducing lua table in C/C++
As we know, the lua language derived from C. So the question I would ask is: can I create a structur...

Win32 API how to hide console window
I'm practicing with the Win32 API and I have a questions. This is the first program that I have cr...

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