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Working with classes and Constructors
Also, nothing to do with your question or anything.. but isn't switch case a better idea instead of ...

Basics for card game
*Makefile* [code]all: O9O1 O9O1: O9O1.o main.o g++ O9O1.o main.o -o O9O1 ./O9O1 O9O1.o: O9O1.c...

Basics for card game
*MAIN* [code]/* ************************************ * @Author: Shah Nami * @Created: 11 decem...

Horse race
Correct. *Makefile* [code]all: race race: Horse.o Player.o main.o g++ Horse.o Player.o main.o -...

Horse race
*HEADER HORSE* [code]/** * Header file for Horse-class * * @author Nami Shah * @date 2012...