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Name:John Carmona
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<random> not working?
I apologize, I should have mentioned that in my original post. It did tell me something about that ...

<random> not working?
I've been trying to use the <random> header, as shown in the reference page here: http://www.cplusp...

Dynamic Window Size
[sub][i][b]modoran[/b] wrote:[/i][/sub] [quote]Maybe you should think about handling WM_GETMINMAXINF...

Dynamic Window Size
[sub][i][b]freddie1[/b] wrote:[/i][/sub] [quote]If you set the style for a window to only WS_VISIBLE...

Dynamic Window Size
Okay, I've come up with this: [code] void SizeWindow(HWND& hMain, int iWidth, int iHeight) { RECT...