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Bio:I love my dog:), and c++( not too good at it "yet" though!)
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array question
I think what you trying to ask, (i may be wrong)... But you have an array of integers that is initia...

error in class
[b]It may help to look @ your code in this state if your {implementation and interface part is givin...

error in class
[b]Voltage.h[/b] [code] #ifndef VOLTAGE_H #define VOLTAGE_H class Voltage { public: // default c...

0.o please assist, seemingly impossible program!
[code]Thanks for the help guys, and for being patient with me,, i really appreciate this a lot:) [/...

0.o please assist, seemingly impossible program!
@ chervil.. please have a look at my code, i am using [b]a vector of strings..[/b], i dont have a me...

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