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cannot convert from 'System::String ^' to 'System::String'
Thank you anmol2701 & UtherPendragon17 both of your answers is correct. My code looks like this now...

Visual C++ 2010 Express Text file help
Im new to this and i might not be right but when you see error like this : cannot convert parameter ...

VC++: writting in txt file (trouble in loop While).
copy and paste text from your compiler debug section , we need to know what kind of errors you get.

cannot convert from 'System::String ^' to 'System::String'
[code]FILE * myfile1 = fopen ( System::String(textBox1->Text) ,"rb" );[/code] error C2440: '<func...

Delete parts i don't need from header and include files...
Hello all. Can i delete parts i don't need from header and include files to reduce my executable fi...

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