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How can I convert a sequence of PNGs to an MOV/AVI (has to work on Mac)
I have a game, which records the game. I have it currently just making a sequence of png's, but how ...

How do I compile my code into a standalone Mac application?
Hi. I have a project I'm working on (in OpenGL), and I want to send it to my friend. He doesn't have...

Multidimensional array of classes?
Hey. I need to have a multidimensional array of a specific class. You see, I have a class named part...

Splitting a string by space into array?
Hey. Say I have a string [code] "This is a string" [/code] How do I split it into [code] ...

OpenGL/GLUT - Changing coordinate system?
Hey. I'm using OpenGL/GLUT. Currently the coordinate system is like this [code] $ = -2, 0 + = 0, 0 ...

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