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User name:Reaper1
Name:Jeremy Spackman
Bio:Like doing computer programming and networking, like play cod mw3, like playing basketball, like listening to music, watching movies.

LOL I like walking on the beach in the moonlight (Random).

PS> I am teaching myself the following computer languages:

Assembly Language
C# Languagae
C++ Language
Visual Basic Language
Java Language
Python Language
Perl Language
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My array program, need help
Thank you, it works now.

My array program, need help
[code]#include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> using namespace std; // SubFunctions double getNumber...

My array program, need help
This is my new code, i have tried the ways everyone had showed me i can enter the numbers now, but t...

My array program, need help
My weakest points are arrays and i cannot seem to get this to work, if some can tell me what i am do...

Nevermind, I have fixed it thank you for the help.