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Name:Matthew Wigmore
Bio:As of 27 July 2014
- Doing maths/further maths/ physics/ chem at sixth form
- Looking to do engineering at university
- Thought C++ might be useful
- Been learning for a couple of weeks from tutorials on the internet
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Re start a program
Ahh thank you very much. In what way could it be better? I'm a total beginner so if you could sugg...

Re start a program
Right that all works now (I included a break; after the last if to end the program if the user gets ...

Re start a program
And would something like this work in the while loop? [code] while (y == x*2 && z == y + 2) [/code]

Re start a program
If I do that though it says [code] error: 'else' without a previous 'if' [/code]

Re start a program
Practicing my if/else functions with a simple number program that asks the user to input and carry o...