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can "endl" be changed to end line twice?
\n is the proper way to end a line. If you look up the definition of endl it's actually \n followed...

How does a computer store a floating point number?
Check this out: There is a pretty good example here. Le...

'Counter" in craps program
I would put most of that code into its own function: [code]Status PlayCraps();[/code] PlayCraps() ...

How can I set a decimal point in BETWEEN a number and not after it?
Change: [code]retailprice = cost * (percentage + 100);[/code] To: [code]retailprice = cost * (perce...

c++ 11 - how overloading operators?
The problem here is that [code]"hi" + "hello"[/code] would call [code]const char* operator+(const c...