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Writing readable code
@[b]RealGiganitris[/b] Hi, my 1 groat worth :+) Apart from the excellent link [b]JLBorges[/b] prov...

Area of polygons (Hint Appreciated)
Hi [b]remedys[/b] , Just wondering, can you figure out how to use the [u]same[/u] formula for all t...

List of generic references to mixed types (Part 2)
Hi, Welcome to cplusplus :+D [quote](Sorry to paste my code in-line. I can't find any way to creat...

Need some help
Hi Juan, Not sure whether you know that [b]gentleguy[/b] is a troll, of [b]closed_account[/b] infam...

Birthday Paradox coding
[quote=cire]You probably didn't bother differentiating between those cases, as there aren't many pra...