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User name:Tomhet
Name:Dresmor Alakazard
Bio:I'm ala AKA Dresmor Alakazard
My registered account name is from Burzum

I'm programming for my fun and for getting enough knowledge to create online game by myself only
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Y real 90 degree
@keskiverto Thanks but I already had those things... (btw I rewrote my code) My problem was, I did...

Y real 90 degree
@whitenite1 eh won't solve... @keskiverto "degrees" meant to be what can see with the camera UP and...

Y real 90 degree
I forgot to change the title fuck...

Y real 90 degree
ey I made a camera with OpenGL The camera works with adding XYZ directory I need [-90,90] degrees...

Realloc, malloc
Why there is memory leak when I use realloc, malloc alot and that sure those res going to be freed? ...