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EXC_BAD_ACCESS .... confused !
yeah... and that is why I'm here, because I don't understand why. I thought someone might actually ...

EXC_BAD_ACCESS .... confused !
What code path ? The program logic executed is exactly the same. The only thing that changes is th...

EXC_BAD_ACCESS .... confused !
kbw, Either my understanding of C is poor (not difficult ;-) ... or you've failed to grasp my probl...

EXC_BAD_ACCESS .... confused !
Hi kbw, Have modified my code as follows : [code] void mynamespace::AmzGlacier::canonicalPost(std:...

EXC_BAD_ACCESS .... confused !
Hi, I'm implementing a basic routine in C++ to integrate with some of Amazon's AWS services. The o...

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