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utf8mb4 encode/decode in c++
A third-part server echoes string to my client program, the string contains both utf8 data and unico...

question about split compiling
Indeed, but it's still slow.l

question about split compiling
Hi, I used to like all-header style, I mean write the definition and implementation all in singl...

call obj.set_v1 obj.set_v2 ... object.set_v100 with for loop
Hi, I've a object with lots of member function, set_v1, set_v2 ... set_v100, [code] large l; l.set...

(IE BHO) Get IWebBrowser2 from BeforeNavigate2 event
Thanks, it turns out that the parameters are in the reverse order, so rgvarg[6] is the correct arg.

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