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Bio:I'm a Senior Software Engineer currently working in the UK financial sector. I program primarly in MFC C++, with experience in STL, COM, XML, XSLT.
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Confused about Constructor def
You only need the one constructor as it asks: [code] Fraction(int = 0, int = 1); [/code] You can u...

Some type of container for string int long long
I would create a struct to store in the vector: [code] struct item { string name; long filesize;...

Help with arrays
You need to break the problem down into smaller chunks. I would create some structs or classes (bu...

Program that cracks encrypted messages?
Each character you read is a representation of a number i.e. the ASCII table. Encryption works by ...

Comparison of Two XML Files
You don't need an xml library to do that, just load each file into memory and create a hash of each....