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Bio:I'm a Senior Software Engineer currently working in the UK financial sector. I program primarly in MFC C++, with experience in STL, COM, XML, XSLT.
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ASN 1 decoding
The OpenSSL library has X509 certificate handling built in.

My App doesnt reply anthing after input
[quote]The code minion* pMinion, when I run it the compiler shows undefined reference to minion::mi...

My App doesnt reply anthing after input
[quote]How do I initialize the pointer[/quote] [code]minion* pMinion = new minion(); if (hola == pM...

Variable Conversion
x == 0, so y = x results in y being the same as the value held by x i.e. 0

How to make 3 classes in one .h file?
Your divisionTwo class doesn't have a base class? Think