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Bio:I'm a Senior Software Engineer currently working in the UK financial sector. I program primarly in MFC C++, with experience in STL, COM, XML, XSLT.
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waiting program
Your code isn't suspending the current thread from processing, it's just iterating through the while...

Structs in classes
[code] OverFlight(FlightRec flight); [/code] Is the custom constructor declaration, you need to add...

Structs in classes
This is what I meant, note incomplete: [code] #include <string> using namespace std; class OverFl...

Structs in classes
[quote]So are you saying that I should call the struct inside of the class or put the struct into th...

Structs in classes
Sounds like the class encapsulates a FlightRec struct. So, I would pass a FlightRec struct through ...