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Bio:I'm a Senior Software Engineer currently working in the UK financial sector. I program primarly in MFC C++, with experience in STL, COM, XML, XSLT.
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new [] syntax I've never seen for zeroing out memory
If you want a pointer to an array, you do this: [code] int* pInt = new int[4]; ... // don't forget...

const char* as a buffer?
char1 is a pointer to a single char, so as @ne555 stated ++char1 will invalidate the pointer. Do yo...

HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED: after Normal block (#131) at 0x00827A68.
[quote]Hi Ajh32, Thanks for correcting me. After implementing your suggestion that is declare a p...

I presume you are programming in the terminal? If so, I believe NCurses will provide this for you, ...

Making Data Structures for a rectangle and square in opengl, c++
Does this help you: [code] struct Vertex { float x, y, z; }; struct MyColor { float c1, c2, ...