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Name:Ankit Shah
Location:Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
Bio:Very much interested in hardware and software programming. Love to design new and efficient logic and algorithms for various problems.
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Problem in Encryption / Decryption
The problem is solved, I just added an extra if condition inside the while loop for checking the eof...

Problem in Encryption / Decryption
I'm trying to implement simple symmetric key cryptography algorithm. In which provided a key and mes...

Help using gdb for tracing
Thank you all. The problem's solved. I also found nice youtube video that explained just as required...

Help using gdb for tracing
I've currently started using linux, and am not able to trace the program as in TURBO C using F7 line...

Radix sort implementation-Segmantation fault
thank you ne555 the node *st was causing the problem as it's modification was invisible outside func...