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Need help with 2 linker errors
First /NODEFAULTLIB switch is on, /ENTRY:main is also set Platform is Windows 7 x86 but will also t...

Is there a Win32 version of itoa?
I get what you're saying but that's a separate method altogether and defeats the object of code inje...

Is there a Win32 version of itoa?
Shoulda mentioned I'm doing this in C99, it can be c++ compatible but no code should require C++ sup...

Is there a Win32 version of itoa?
To be clear what I mean is does Win32 provide something like IntToStrA in it's api, for now I have a...

Wrinting a function to a running process
Never mind, I found a way to pass the pid to the process directly: [code] // GUI void execHacksId( D...

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