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(lil' bit OOT) C in microcontroller
[quote] The currently most used microcontroller is probably ARM. [/quote] i thought it was 8051? wha...

(lil' bit OOT) C in microcontroller
i thought few people has replied... apparently, not...

(lil' bit OOT) C in microcontroller
sorry if out-of-topic, i need to ask about C programming in microcontroller. 1. what's the best com...

Whats wrong with my code?
[code] if (gender == male) [/code] should be: [code] if (gender == "male") [/code]

Trying to get back into c++, code is working right but math is wrong somewhere
[code] for (c = 0; next < 4000000; c++) { next = first + second; first = sec...