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problems reading binary file
[quote] C\\main_file_cache.idx0[/quote] should be: [code] C:\\main_file_cache.idx0 //what's the idx...

Is my code well written? What should I do next?
[code] int factorial(int a) { int b = 1; if(a >= 0) { for(int C = a;C != 0;C--) { b =...

Dev C++ or Code::Blocks???
[quote] i have a problem.i have followed many tutorials on web to learn c++,but one problem was the ...

Another way of writting
[code] max (max (population1, max(population2, max (population3, population4))));[/code] perhaps?

How do I pass a function into another function
why do you wanna do that, by the way?