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GDIPLUS: using Graphics, can i get HDC?
[quote]i get results now.... like i said, the problem seems on: HDC imageHDC = img2.GetHDC();[/quote...

Declaring a probability distribution within a class
It's the difference between parentheses and curly braces. The latter works.

Need adivce on how to get the a number guess game to restart bump
[quote]Code 'im trying to loop[/quote]The problem is that line 43 is [i]not[/i] inside the loop. Hen...

Sorting ListView columns
[quote]I don't want to change the order. I want to be able to sort the column alphabetically.[/quote...

error: calling a private constructor of class
[quote]my guess is that he's using a older version of the compiler?[/quote]These access specifier wh...