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Having trouble with arrays/ functions
What should be store in this array? Generally an array looks like this: [code]int a[8000] = {0}; /...

Mancala C++ Project (Part 2) *ALL HELP NEEDED*
This [code]abs(pit-7 == start_pit)[/code] is probably not what you want. You can simplify your code...

Node templates with multiple types
[quote]What would I have to type for the mutator and accessor functions?[/quote]What do you mean by ...

Virtual functions and derived class
If you do not want to implement a body of a virtual function you need to make it pure virtual, see: ...

Why does the string become a loop?
Your problem: You find an 'r', insert three 'r'. Now you have four 'r'. When you do this [code]loc ...