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how do i get this function to search the array for a title or author and show it, anyone any ideas
You need to move the "No Matches" branch outside of the loop:[code]do { cout << "Please enter a titl...

How to create a loop?
Some adjustments:[code]void loadlist(Passenger *&head, Passenger *&last, Passenger *current) { stri...

Quick sort
Line 12: I don't know how [code]choose_pivot(...)[/code] work, but if you pass the parameter like th...

Graphs - data structures
The data structure is relatively simple:[code]struct binary_tree_node { ... m_Data; binary_tree_...

Determine the points from a set of coordinates that will form a line
@ne555 It's obviously a recursive. You're not willing to wrap your mind around algorithm which is pe...