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Passing a Static Array in a Function which accepts Double Pointer
[quote]My question is why?[/quote]The point is that an 2-dimensional array is not organized like tha...

debug and segmentation fault
[quote]It's strange, isn't it?[/quote]No, there are differences between release and debug. Otherwise...

Getting an unndefined error on this funcuon
Actually you should use [code]osObject[/code] on line 10. By the way: If the [code]operator<<(...)[...

Copying closure of lamda expression
[quote]but I cannot understand why in the copy-by-value case the function object has to be copied.[/...

Copying closure of lamda expression
[quote]So why twice?[/quote]The reason for this behavior is the [code]=[/code] in [code][=] { ... };...