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Faster memcpy routine
//It can be further enhanced by making it 64bit. unsigned long copy_linear(void* read,void* wri...

Representing a rectangle with only 3 variables instead of 4.
I figured out how to use 3 variables to represent a rectangle in a grid instead of using 4. The ...

How to print on the console on a single line
Instead of it always printing on a new line, I want to overwrite the old one. so that it doens't sc...

Maximum whole number a float can represent?
what is the maximum whole number value a float can be used to represent? (32bit)

Taking the following formula, is my code consistant?
sin(x) = x - (x^3)/3! + (x^5)/5! + ... + (-1)^i*(x^(2*i+1))/(2*i+1)! [code] for(;prec<10;...

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