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Rolling two dice - random
[code]#include <iostream> // vhodno-izhodni ukazi #include <stdlib.h> //standardni ukazi #include <s...

Rolling two dice - random
yes i have do this. but my result is rolled 1 and 1234556789088658rolled.......and rolled 5 and 133...

Rolling two dice - random
not..sorry my englis is bad. Simulated rolling two dice. dice(1-6)-random result : -1. attempt (2,4...

Rolling two dice - random
HELLO. Rolling two dice - random. Dice 1-6.rolling ends when the 10. executed. what can do?

word length
[code]cout<<bes.length()[/code] this is for the full text. example ." please hepl my" ----> 15 h...

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