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program checks user's math answer, WON'T WORK! PLEASE HELP!
Hi there! my code is supposed to ask the user what math operation they want to do, ask their answer,...

48:2: error: expected unqualified-id before 'return'.....please help! thank you
My program is supposed to determine what a user's letter grade is from an input value, but it won't ...

doing tricky function overloading, please help! thank you
Hi there! I'm having a tad bit of trouble with my function overloading code. My code has three diffe...

confusing prime factorization code, please help :(
Thank you both a bunches:) I was able to work it out!

confusing prime factorization code, please help :(
Hi there! I was hoping for some help with this code for my school c++ class. We have to create a pro...

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