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Overloading Binary and Assignment Operators in Vector Class
The error message looks like getX/Y/Z are not declared const, so you are not allowed to call them on...

Is Petzold's book still relevant?
Well, Win32 simply isn't a C++ API, so you will (only) read C code. The 5th edition is as far as I k...

Error: cannot convert `std::string' to `const char*' for argument `1' to `int std::strcmp(const char*, const char*)'
Hello, as the error message tells you, strcmp() function expects two arguments of type const char*, ...

How to use Vectors and templates together
[quote]B will be defined during runtime, and it can be unsigned or double.[/quote] It must be of typ...

How to use Vectors and templates together
Hello, where exactly are you trying to push_back() ? How are A and B defined? Why do you call the co...

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