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Learning c++ and wxwidgets
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wchar_t and reading unicode strings
Hello, new code ... old giveWStringFromASCII dont works for chars upper U+FFFF and you have right is...

EVT_KEY_DOWN event problem
I just make a litle project, same in Ubuntu and windows xp In xp run very well. The same project, ma...

EVT_KEY_DOWN event problem
Hello. A very little program have problem. I am trying to catch a key press globally(http://wiki.wxw...

wchar_t and reading unicode strings
I just check giveWStringFromASCII. Until U+FFFF gives right result, but from upper no. Any idea? Ma...

wchar_t and reading unicode strings
Hello, i just open forum. I use Code::Blocks and never visual studio. I want a function for all OS. ...