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Completely Confused
@Niccolo, You have a typo in line 4 of your code block. To match the signature of the function, pr...

error: no matching function for call to 'std::priority_queue<data>::push(int, int, int)'
[code]struct data { int sum; int x; int y; };[/code] What is descending order for a [co...

Access row in vector<vector<int>>
[quote]In this situation I was trying to access an nth row of M (-1 < n < N) in random order. Knowin...

Access row in vector<vector<int>>
[quote]Unlike <vector> where you don't really have restrictions on memory allocation in the singular...

Access row in vector<vector<int>>
[quote]Now the only thing is, in the constructor when I call reserve() on M, I should instead be cal...