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Need Help Computing Day Of Week
I think you need to start over on your calculations. First of all, a year is not 365.25 days long...

Completed a Program but Kattis thinks it's wrong?
@dhayden is correct. Remove line 52 and initialize [code]total = 0;[/code]. Click on the little ge...

Compiler gives no errors, yet it doesn't continue past a certain point when I run it
The reason your program never ends and never prints out the final result is because your do-while lo...

Array Problem
Issues 1 and 2 apply to Line 34 as well: [code] while (answer = true) {[/code] The fact that you a...

C++ void* use for different data types
Initial post: [quote]And I want to know if it's "safe" to use "void *" type in order to allocate dif...