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Bio:I'm studying Computer Engineering. I love music and I play clarinet. I'm watching Cheers.
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Running a thread alongside win32
I'm trying to run an SFML window at the same time as my simple win32 application. The idea is to hav...

How exactly does atan2 work?
Ok, I was using the steering force to move the fish and I wasn't updating velocity, so it was using ...

How exactly does atan2 work?
I am using this with SFML and the window coordinates have positive Y going down with the origin at t...

My mandelbrot is wonky
Ok, I figured it out. [quote]Sheesh!!! 105MB for a picture.[/quote] LOL. It's an 8k picture of the f...

How exactly does atan2 work?
I'm trying to code a steering behavior thingy with SFML using little sprites of fish lol. The troubl...

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