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Conversion from COMPREAL to REAL and float
There doesn't seem to be enough information here. Can you upload venext.c somewhere (like https://fi...

How do I get rid of , —, and other mystery characters?
[output] UTF-8 bytes: EF BB BF ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE Hex code point: FEFF — UTF-8...

how to write chess with these conditions?
I assume you're only supposed to enter one piece for white and one piece for black. The choice of pi...

how to write chess with these conditions?
So you mean something like this? [output]White: qd5 Black: rf3 a b c d e f g h 8 * . . * . . * ....

overload toy example
[quote]thanks for the table. How did you create it or where did you find it?[/quote] I made it by ru...