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Name:Timo Heino
Location:Finland (for someone: near Arctic Circle), Kajaani
Bio:C++ programmer to the heart. I really really like it.
My english is well... in "always training" -mode :P

Want to train bigger audience but don't know how; where to start; big problem

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Bitwise operations
Just a quick example (for "game making"): Let us create types of monsters: [code]const int EARTH=0x...

Fibonacci Program
Fibonacci sequence is fun! 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,.... What is so hard? every iteration you add 2 last ...

You should alternate 0's and 1's. Seems so simple

Purpose of Private and Public Access Specifiers, OOP??
I don't know how this will match question you asked but i'll give example. You are human object; yo...

help while loop
[code]int n = 1; int sum = 0; cout << " 3n=1 where n is 1 to 10\n"; while ( n <= 10) { sum =...