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Spam in Cplusplus?
Yeah. It seems to pop up a lot around midnight PST. I usually get 2-3 when I do get them, maybe ever...

Horrible Error: LNK2019
Sounds you like you are linking SDL and your project correctly. Go double check you set up that stuf...

copying a buffer from a specific location
Because [code]buff[i][/code] [i]is[/i] the i-th element of buff, whereas [code]buff + i[/code] is a ...

some question about std::string
Characters are represented via their ASCII code (e.g. 48 -> 0, 64 -> @, etc). When you cast this to...

passing std::multimap<int,int> as a function parameter
[code]void first_rumble (std::multimap<int,int> prob_analysis)[/code] You are passing your multimap...