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Name:Frederick J. Harris
Location:Coal Township, Pennsylvania USA
Bio:I'm almost a decent C/C++/PowerBASIC programer, and a pretty mediocre bluegrass banjo picker. I'm also kind of a forester too, but its pretty hard to be much of a forester when you spend most of your time staring at a computer screen. That's about it.
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Visual Basic
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mouse position in console
[QUOTE] Sorry, I do not remember how to include the program listing to look good like all the others...

mouse position in console
Just dug this up, and with some tweaking got it to work.... [CODE] // cl Test3.cpp /O1 /Os /MT kern...

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wWinMain entry point warning
I don't use make files much. Seems *nix folks are especially big on them. I mostly use g++ from GC...

wWinMain entry point warning
It's actually a lot easier with VStudio. Microsoft puts shortcuts on the Visual Studio Start menu t...