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User name:fx11
Bio:I have read and practiced through the C++ Language Tutorial of this site:
Now I have a very basic knowledge of C++.
I read the forum section of this site if I have time:
I try to solve problems of the posts by myself if I find them interesting and I can do them and when I have time.
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I think I see. Thanks. [code] #include <iostream> using namespace std; int x = 10; //declaration ...

namespace question
I know it works inside main(). But why does it not work outside main?

namespace question
Hi! Thanks for the answers. My question is why does it not work in my example? I know it works ins...

namespace question
error: 'a' in namespace 'Rectangle' does not name a type error: 'b' in namespace 'Rectangle' does n...

Namespace and using
I work with Code::Blocks 16.01 on Win10. Why is the last var equal to 10 if there is a line usi...