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Name:Harrison Smith
Bio:I BIG N00B

I started programming about 3 years ago(summer of 2016?), but I dropped it for most of that time due to having absolutely no time. Now I’m back! :)
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Inheritance Class
Also put a cin.flush(); after your getline() calls.

Inheritance Class
Nothing is done with name or number in main, only the name and number in enter. Get rid of your decl...

extremely inefficient but works....?
Darn. Too bad.

Issues with reading stuff into a linked list
So the file is like [output]"More than love" 12.99 1989 "Streets of London" 5.99 1972 [/output]

Issues with reading stuff into a linked list
You could ask the user to surround that name in quotes and then use the quotes to tell where it begi...