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Why this for is infinite
thanks [b]Ikaron [/b]for the answer that helped.

visual studio fatal error
first of all the comment line is this // not this \\ the second thing there an error here: [code]di...

Why this for is infinite
i am sorry guys i meant [code]x != 1.0[/code] not [code]x <= 1.0[/code] i fixed it now

Why this for is infinite
i wrote this code: [code]for(double x = 0.0; x != 1.0; x += 0.1) cout << x << endl;[/code] it was s...

setsetiosflags's hex and oct flags doesn't work
thanks [b]MiiNiPaa [/b]and [b]cire [/b]for your help now i understand it and it is working now