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Bio:They are most helpful to handle any SW attacks as well as pure Rooka. 4 or 5 Boom Cannons might not constantly be enough to sustain the defense against Tmed militaries. Because instance you get 5 or six Cannons to weaken those high-health troops. As Boom Cannons can pose a larger hazard, Cannons can frequently be ignored, and maxed ones can definitely educate them the mistake of their methods (dealing approximately 85% of the BC's DPS). However, you could intend to obtain two or 3 Landing Crafts to degree 16, to fit the 4thMedic.
If the HQ21 possibility emerges, make LC 21 a leading priority for the 5th and last Medic. You wish to maximize their damage to ensure that you don't lack time in all type of raids. The troops in the Armory, do get the Medics updated first, Riflemen or Zookas at your choice of DPS over tanking or the other way around. They're pretty vital, specifically Medkit, Shock Bomb as well as Smoke Screen. You'll also require good Weapons as well as Battery to secure every one of the Rocket Launchers in addition to maybe a Shock Launcher.

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