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QR - method
I am lokking for inspiration to my c++ program to find eigenvalues for a symmetric vector with QR me...

Two arrays into one text file
Sorry, this is what we have done: void UdskrivMatrixA48Fil(double A4[nmax][nmax],double A8[nmax][nm...

Two arrays into one text file
We have defined a nxn matrix: A4 with n4=4, and a nxn matrix: A8 with n8=8. We have tried this, bu...

Two arrays into one text file
Hey everyone I have a 4*4 array and a 8*8 arays in my c++ program and i would like to save those ...

error C2447
thanks a lot to both of you. zoran404 (86), what do you mean by: "if you used += and ++ operators yo...

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