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If comparison is not working properly
[code] char* convertStringToCharArray(string str){ return (char*)str.c_str(); } [/code]

Craps Game Help
i tried your code. if you add these lines: [code] return 0; } [/code] you can write a better code ...

If comparison is not working properly
maybe this code helps you [code] (strcmp (txtPassword ,setPassword) == 0) [/code] http://www.cplus...

Need Help Converting Pseudocode to C++ to find Branch-and-Bound for the Early/Tardy Problem with a Common Due-Date
Write a node class. There are some functions in pseudocode. Define these functions. Then convert mai...

Need help with switch function based calculator
[quote] Some points of interest for you. 1. You don't need to pass in the ofstream to every method b...

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