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Iterate through a vector
What do you mean by "skipped"? How about a debug printout: [code]void Account::change_balance(strin...

switch statement with basic math problem
What is the user expected to type? [output]((42 + 7 )*( 8/4))/ 7[/output] OR [output]n o m[/output] ...

Is it advised to not to separate declaration and definition templated class functions.
Lets put it this way. We have a program: [code]#include "Foo.h" int main() { Foo<double> bar; b...

how to sort rectangle by area in descending order ?
How do you know that? Where do you print the sorted vector?

What to look at if compilation time expires ?
[quote]My code works but in the end no result appears[/quote] Ah, not getting a result means same as...

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