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Arrays Assignment Help
The first [code]cin >>[/code] starts reading the stream. It wants an integer. First character is '5'...

Arrays Assignment Help
[quote]Enter 10 integers ([b]separated by a space[/b]): 5[b],[/b] 10[b],[/b] 15[b],[/b] 20[b],[/b] 2...

Can someone help me start this program, completely new to c++ and no idea what I need to do.
You need to read and show something. See You need t...

regular pointer vs pointer to an array
Put other way, how much is ++ ? The ++p will advance sizeof(int). The ++pa will advance 10*sizeof(i...

constant constructors
Your situation is very similar to what I can do with local variables: [code]const int foo; // warnin...

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