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If you assign one Node to a second Node, does that second Node have the same data address as what was assigned to it?
[code]int x; int y; int* foo = &x; // foo points to x int* bar = &y; // bar points to y foo = bar; ...

Program compiles OK! but bombs out when I run it
Does not compile: [output]35:1: error: specializing member 'arrayListType<int>::arrayListType' requi...

Cast (or copy) Base class into sub class
[quote]Is this copy constructor permitted?[/quote] Do you mean the call to copy constructor of Base?...

Kindly explain this binary tree array
The page that I posted a link to writes: [quote]If an initializer is not provided: * objects with au...

Kindly explain this binary tree array
[quote]when I uncomment setleft(b,0)[/quote] What element of the array does [code]setleft( 'b', 0 );...

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