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Bio:If you wonder why I wrote this much, it's because I'll use this as a record of what I've done.

In 2010 I learned the basics of C in university, but dropped out shortly after.
In july 2011 I started working on a small game with a friend using Ren'py, with which I learned the basics of OOP, as it uses some python.
In april 2012, I started using C++ to try something more difficult. I didn't finish any project I started but it was a precious learning experience.
In january 2013 I started attending an iOS/Android development course for six months. It helped me get my first job.
In october 2013 I got my first job: developing an OpenERP module (in python) for a company.
In march 2014 I enrolled in a private school for game development. During the first year we focused mainly on Unity with C#.
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