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How to select a row fully through program
I am doing a win32 application using List view control,I used extended style [b]LVS_EX_GRIDLINES|LVS...

Implementation of Tab key on list view
Hi all, I have a list view created using resource editor,I set Extended style such as LVS_EX_GRIDL...

Key board events handling on list view
Hi all, I am doing a win32 application,I created a dialog box and inside dialog box one list view c...

fwrite problem
Iam trying to write a TCHAR array value to a file.But i am not getting it correctly.I should get th...

Zero padding
Its working now [code]TCHAR *pBuf={"A2.3"}; float f=_wtof(++pBuf); printf("%05.1f",f) [/code]

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