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Bio:These devices are precision timing circuits capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. In the time-delay or monostable mode of operation, the timed interval is controlled by a single external resistor and capacitor network. In the astable mode of operation, the frequency and duty cycle can be controlled independently with two external resistors and a single external capacitor.
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Over 80
¿is there a flag for counting or you mean [tt].{80,}[/tt]?

Over 80
your pseudocode does not perform any check on the length of the line (2) ¿full? ¿save where? ¿wh...

getting library to run on ubuntu 14.04
The file is in [tt]~/pokerstove/src/build/lib/pokerstove/peval/Card.h[/tt] The compiler search spec...

getting library to run on ubuntu 14.04
The binaries are in the [tt]pokerstove/src/build/bin[/tt] directory. as you are in build, you may si...

Program not working
The loop in line 22 would end in the case of eof, no need to check again. There is no point in using...