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i tried to make a program but didnt work :( help plz
I know this is off topic but ... [quote]AVG did to me once. I mean, ONCE. Then I uninstalled it, lol...

iostream unable to open
I just went off of some research I quickly did via Google. I could be wrong. I've never had to out...

postfix calculator
Firstly, using [code]else if () {}[/code] is preferable to [code]else{ if () {} }[/code] Second, wha...

iostream unable to open
I'm guessing it's not recognized because the STL wasn't a part of c++ until around 1994. Can you us...

little to fix it array(little hey little ho)
I have a few tips: 1) Take advantage of the [[b]code[/b]] [[b]/code[/b]] tags to put your code in. ...

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