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Bio:I started learning C++ as a hobby, but I'm now taking classes at a junior college. I've taken all the available C++ courses, as well as a course in Java, and a course in Javascript. I am currently catching up on the math courses.

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-my indenting program post (indents your code for you. One of my first usable code creations.)
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I've found couple of hobby OS's out there to look through for example code. Quite a few users in the...

My Own OS!
Just posting a link to the AMD developer guides/manuals list

My Own OS!
@: Cubbi - Thank you for the run-down on the code. I phrased the question poorly, I should have said...

My Own OS!
Here's nice instructions for calling a function that's defined in assembly from inside a C++ program...

My Own OS!
No way, that's great. His book in it's current state is at the top of my recommended reading list ...