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Bio:I'm learning C++ as a hobby, it's fun. I'm still training in Native C++ but hope to get started in Windows MFC next.
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-my indenting program post (indents your code for you)
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Detect what words contain in the RECV
What library is that function in? Strstri()?

Detect what words contain in the RECV
You can get over case-sensitivity by converting everything to upper or lowercase before checking... ...

Copyrights and intent
Helios, that makes sense, though I don't like the idea of shifting the blame down the line to the us...

Copyrights and intent
Thanks kemort, that's definitely my problem, the more convenient I make the program for the user, th...

Copyrights and intent
If I use CURL to download a webpage and save it to disk for the sole purpose of comparing it to that...