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Bio:I'm learning C++ as a hobby, it's fun. I'm still training in Native C++ but hope to get started in Windows MFC next.
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-my indenting program post (indents your code for you)
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Code semantics
Yep, I had a feeling I was over complicating this. Thank you Zhuge!

Code semantics
I'm just curious which way of writing this code looks better to you. It's a simple function to deter...

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Thank you everyone. I am writing the program for a raspberry pi2 which has a 32bit cpu instead of ...

text file too big (EDIT: fail)
I did, but I decided it would be more fun to try to work out the riddle... I started this program ...

text file too big (EDIT: fail)
I wanted to make a "word of the day" program. I found a public domain version of webster's at gutenb...